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  Practice the basic capsize drills - stay calm and learn to exit the kayak while underwater. More advance skills would make Kayaking safer and more enjoyable.

BYOK – Fun Kayak

This Kayak will bring fun with the opportunity for exercise and relaxation.
Feeling of one’s wholesomeness.  
Try out the various strokes, draws, turns and even the roll!
Have Fun.
Float around watch the sunrise or sunset.
Bring a line and fish.
Paddle a mile and sweat it out.
Race with a pal. 
Paddle  n’ Relax.

Some facts on your BYOK Kayak.

You may want to know that your Kayak is unique in more ways than one. This is because it was “handmade”. Your Kayak just like the other BYOK Kayaks was individually made out of a mould. You can notice that there are some unevenness at some areas. You can be sure that some of these are unique to your Kayak. So you should be able to recognized your Kayak even if there is one of the same colour placed next to yours.

Water Safety

AT ALL TIMES. Have Fun..
•  Do not use in Bad Weather.
•  Avoid rough seas, rocky areas and fast flowing waters.
•  Stay clear of swimmers.
•  Think safety.

•  Close all Drain Plugs.
•  Use Spray skirt/cover provided.

As Sea Sports or Activities Enthusiasts.

•  Boaters/Kayakers - Do not throw rubbish into the water. Keep them and bring them back and dispose them properly on land.
•  Let somebody know when and where you will be going and when you plan to come back.
•  Do not go out in bad weather.
•  Turn around and be on your way back when the weather is turning bad. Do not wait until the weather actually turned bad.
•  When Kayaking, stay clear of swimmers in the area.
•  When unsure, stop. Think, look around and proceed to a nearest safe place.
•  You are responsible for your own safety.
•  Do not panic.
•  Learn and Practice the basic safety skill.

Learn How to Kayak.

•  Register and get proper training from Qualified Instructors from The Canoe Federation in your Country.
•  Be in the recommended attires for kayaking.
•  Must wear a PFD.
•  Depending on the weather and water temperature. Dress appropriately.
•  Booty and shoes (non-slip soles) are highly recommended as you may end up on sharp rocky area in an Emergency.
•  The Spray skirt helps to prevent massive water from entering into the Kayak while you paddle. Use them.
•  It is highly recommended that you enroll yourself with a Kayak/Canoe School for a basic course where a trained Instructor/Coach 
   would be able to demonstrate and teach you, especially on the Safe Use of the Kayak including Water Safety.

How to assemble the 3-section Paddle?

•  This paddle is designed to cater  for both right hand and left hand paddlers.
•  Fix it to suit you.

How to hold the Paddle?

•  Hold the paddle using the bar-grip with your arm spread.
•  Place it over - on your head.
•  With the bar-grip - both thumbs facing the front.
•  In that position, your elbows are at Right-Angles. 90 Degrees.
•  Use of the Paddle leash.
•  Fix the leash onto the paddle and hook the other end either to you PFD or the Kayak.

How to carry a Kayak?

•  Side Carry - “Cockpit Hold”.
•  As this is a light-weight Kayak. The “Cockpit Hold” would be an easy task. Comfortable and quick.
•  The Shoulder Carry -  the “Shoulder Carry” can be used for carry over a longer distant.
•  The Trolley Pull. - If you have a Kayak Trolley.

How to get in and out of the Kayak?

On the BEACH. On a sandy beach, put the Kayak at the edge of the water, sit into the Kayak, secure your Spray-Skirt. With both hands, on the side pushing down on the ground and slide into the water.

From a floating Platform. With the Kayak, placed onto the water by the side of the platform. Put one leg into the Kayak, keeping your body “LOW”, lower yourself and sit into the Kayak. Adjust your legs, stretching them into the space infront. Secure the Spray skirt and proceed on.

View how to get in and out of the BYOK kayak from the low/high platform

How to sit in the Kayak?

The Byok FunKayak is a Small and Short Kayak. It should be able to take a person of up to 1.75mm in height.
The legs would have to be bend at the knees. Keeping the knees within the cavity of the Cockpit.
Relax and move the knees about from time to time to prevent numbness. 
The BYOK B0220 is longer.

For basic paddling strokes, view here.

The capsize drill. Check the depth of the water - NOT too shallow. If too shallow, your head may hit the bottom!
Step One: Stop and put paddle to the side.
Step Two: “Rock n Roll from side to side. On Counts “1,2 & 3” and roll over - capsize!!!!
Step Three: DO NOT PANIC! Stay inside the kayak. TAP 3 times with both hands on the side of the Kayak.
Step Four: Stay calm, pull open the spray skirt/cover and let your body and legs out of the cockpit, getting out, moving towards the BOW - Front.
Step Five: hold on to the Kayak - Raise your paddle and call for help.

Must practice this drill so that you do not panic when you capsize, finding yourself  “up-side- height down” under the Kayak may not be a nice feeling! Water may get into your nose. 

Watch the video.

Care for the Kayak.

•  Do not throw or drop the Kayak.
•  Do not play “Bumping Kayaks” or banging or knocking into one another.
•  Drain Plugs can be found at the BOW of the Kayak as well as behind the seat.
   CLOSE all DRAIN Plugs before putting kayak into the water.
•  After use each time before storage, the Kayak as well as the PFD, Spray Skirt and the Paddle should be thoroughly rinsed over with
   fresh clean water.
•  After washing/rinsing the Kayak with fresh and clean water, place the Kayak upright with its BOW placed onto the ground, OPEN
   ALL DRAIN PLUGS/PFD and Spray Skirts/Covers to allow whatever water that may be trapped in the Kayak as well as the Stern
   Compartment to be drained out.
•  Air Dry the PFD, Spray Skirt.
   Do not apply heat to dry or wash and dry them in washing machines. 
   Store them in clean, cool and dry shaded place.
   Colours fading on the PFDs may indicate deterioration of material that may affect floatation capabilities.
   Replace when unsure.